Sunday, November 24, 2013

kadang kadang, bila rasa diri dah move on, mesti dia datang dalam mimpi.
mungkin untuk mengingatkan.
mungkin aku yang menidakkan.

walau cukup ku sedari, kau takkan kembali.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

hello. :)

setahun dah i left this  blog without saying a word.
sawang dah bloggie baby.

i just dont know what to write.

sometimes it gets better.
sometimes not.
sometimes i felt like im far behind from life.
sometimes i felt like im moving forward to life.

so many things have changed.
ive changed too.

i used to think that ive matured enough but actually im far distant from the reality.

still a baby. a cry baby. a weak baby.

well now, at least, i dont show it to many people.
malu lah.

somehow, there must be a little things that had given me lessons.
umur dah 22.
mesti la dah matang sikit dari dulu kan. kan. kan?

i hope so.  :*