Tuesday, June 26, 2012

babu. :)

Nothing could makes my heart beating like there's no tomorrow than receiving your messages.


mummy satu anak, bakal ummi, tak kawen lagi. 

cake review

yeay me. my first review.
Happy Ice-cream Cake to You
okay, on last 25th of june, i bought a cake from Baskin Robin.
kunun la nak celeb birthday sendiri.
ramai kengkawan duk kepoh pasal kek tu so i thought i wanna try it too as i love BR punya choc mint aiskem jugak.
but then, family pulak ramay ta suka choc mint and ucop pun ada so i change my mind and tukar to chocolate.
so after several changes and perbincangan, muncullah ini:
ice cream: chocolate moose, design brownies

at first, nak potong kek ni quite susah bcause the cake is too hard. :(
aiskrim memang delicious, but the cake.sangat keras, liat, not soft at all. even ucop pun ta suka.
design cake memang semua cecantik. this one brownies ape ta ingat.

unfortunately,my family are looking for the quality of taste, not the appearance esp abah. membebel je dia.
ta sedapla mahal la. :/

so, maybe this is the last time we buy the ice cream cake from BR. But we wont stop buying the marvelous ice cream from BR.Sorry BR, but we still loves you. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012


hey baybee.
nowadays banyak blog blog yang salu cite pasal foods, make up, skin care or anything that they've tried. 
or erti kata lain review.
ada jugak some of my friends yang ajak sharing these things cuma ekceli kita ta rety sangat buat review ni
but i will try my best since im on my cuuttiiiiiiii! oh yeah oh yeah! stop.
okay what i meant is i will have much time to blogging! 
bersedia lah bloggie baby menerima tujahan post post dari otak serta hati melalui vena dan darah ke jari jemari hingga ke keyboard.muehehehehe. 

kak syu's wedding

okay. yesterday punya yesterday punya story.
24th of june 2012, is my sister, kak syu and waleed's big day.
thanked god,kawen jugak depa akhirnya after so many halangan and problems which i cannot reveal to public.
unfortunately, i didnt get the chance amik gamba on that day sebab camera abah tetiba hang. :(
tapi tapi tidak mengapa cause ada several photographer bertauliah and tak bertauliah, berbayar and ta berbayar yang amik which i believe a high quality  memorable pictures!
naty kita p cilok gambar gambar tu and insyaallah will update to bloggie baby soon.

door gift kaann.
mummy bought jam. jam hat sapu kat roti tu. ada rasa nenas dengan rozel. 
which we wrapped the small bottle of jam with a cute towel and put it in a beautiful box.
botol ke bekas jem tu kecik je and tade tulis pape so i printed some design and kita lekat kat bottle/ bekas tu.ni gambar design yang i've stole from google images then letak some pekataan. hihiks. 
thank you google! you are my number one search engine! i lobyu!

btw, tema wedding wane purple. kak syu punya favourite colour. ;D

babu, take me away

Bawa aku pergi
pacu laju-laju
kita lari dari realiti
bawa aku pergi
pacu laju lagi
malah kita
tak perlu kembali

Tengah malam nanti
tolong jangan lupa
jangan munkir janji
aku dah teruja
sudah cukup lama
aku tunggu saat ini
sejak kali terakhir kau hantar pulang
hidup sungguh sepi
tolong jangan bilang mama
tolong jangan bilang papa
malah jangan bilang teman karibmu
jangan bilang sesiapa

Oh Buku merah jangan lupa bawa
moga-moga belum tamat tempoh
kali ini kita pergi lebih lama
pergi lebih jauh,ayuh

Sumber : http://www.liriklagumuzika.com/2011/12/lirik-lagu-bawaku-pergi-kaka-ft-zizan.html#ixzz1ypCgh8Wv

but then
i know
u know
we know
we couldn't do that
we both have the biggest responsibilities
you and your family
me and my family
hope we will get the Jannah 
patience in facing every circumstances
be together forever after

mudah mudahan Allah permudahkan urusan harian dan perjalanan kita menuju kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.


dear babu. :)

Past loves 

They never got very far

Wall's up, made sure 

I guarded my heart

And I promise I wouldn't do this till 

I knew it was right for me

But no one

No guy that I met before

Could make me 

Feel so right and secure

And have you noticed 

I lose my focus

And the world around me disappears

when we were alone together.

My doubts fade away when we had our first kiss.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank you sweetheart.
you are always busy.
but you will spent a precious time with me.
even just a single minute.
 single minute tu bagaikan thousand minute.
because u make it special.
u make me smiles
u make me happy.
u make me grin.
u make me jiggle.
u make me laugh.
u make me eat.

u had always make it a romantic time.

thank you.
thank you for appreciating me.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sentence #3

'In everything you do, you must do it perfectly. Give full concentration so that people cannot have the chances to kill you'

By Uncle Fareed,2012.

The Sentence #2

"You can make mistake but you shouldnt be blunder"
by uncle Fareed,2012

*Blunder means repeatedly making the same mistakes

Laura & Daddy Macaroons

my mouth is full with saliva!
very attempting!

macaroons dia.
red velvet cupcake diaa.
rainbow cake diaaa.

nak orderrr!!!

oh yea, i get to know this business kat tv1 hari tu.
tah macam mana boleh tertengok.
try la cari kat intenetkan blog dia.
sekali jumpa.
memangg nak orderrrr.
just risau pasal delivery and all things.:(

im not used to these online shopping.
nak pegy studio dia jauh sangat.


already think of something for my baby's birthday.
hope you will like it sayang.
even lambat lagi, but i've already think about it.
maju kan i?

Saturday, June 9, 2012


 You are still the one that i want after all this years.

Hoping we'll be loving and living together happily ever after.

i love you sweetheart.