Sunday, May 27, 2012

10 Ways to see if you're in love

Copied from Fb

10. You look around to see if he/she is watching you..
9. You can't help but to flirt..
8. When you catch yourself smiling, you realize you're thinking of them..
7. They try their best to keep you from talking to other guys/girls..
6. When they kiss you, you feel like you've accomplished the world..
5. Their name makes you smile..
4. You dream of them often..
3. You're completely comfortable around them..
2. You don't have anything on your mind when you're with that person..
1. You were thinking of that one person while reading this.

most of the numbers really happens to me. 
number 7 macam tak.  i think because we trust each other. alhamdulillah. 
but act, dia taktaw yang saya ni selalu sedih marah kuciwa bila dia cakap ke komen ke apeke dengan wanita yang lebih dari saya. if pasal kerja tkpe la kan. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. hm hm. i cried like a baby. im jelous but didnt tell him. sebab nanty mesty dy mawah. :(

number 10 kan sangat lulz. hari tu watu jumpa, dia drive taw. then, dia nak reverse tetiba kita rasa macam dy tengah tengok kita. so i was like pandangla kat dia. pastu cecepat pandang depan. then dy cakap: tade orang pandang kat u pun. jangan nak perasan. bahahaha. kan dah malu. :p

number 2 sangat betul. macam blur macam eh aku buat macam ni ke. eh? masa bila aku minum air ni? eh kita dah makan ke? bahahaha. 

number 4, setiap masa. even when i was busy doing something, mesty fikiran ni akan menerawang pegy kat dia. :)

totally setuju dengan ape yang i copy ni. :)

true meanings for i love you

♥ It means that I accept you for the person that you are and that I do not wish to change you into someone else.♥

♥ It means that I do not expect perfection from you just as you do not expect it from me.♥

♥ It means that I will love you and stand by you, even through the worst of times.♥

♥ It means loving you when you're in a bad mood or too tired to do the things I want to do.♥

♥ It means loving you when you're down not just when you're fun to be with.♥

♥ It means that I know your deepest secrets and do not judge you for them asking in return only that you do not judge me for mine. ♥

♥ It means that I care enough to fight for what we have and that I love enough not to let go. ♥

♥ It means thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly, and hoping that you feel the same way for me..♥

copied form somewhere else
i love you babu.
insyaallah  till forever after.

Dear Babu. can you read this?

I was dreaming about u
I was thinking of u
I was alone but not lonely
U were with me in my thought

I stopped loving only to love u
To be my first love
The first man i say to him i love u from my heart
I burried my feminity , my feelings
Only waiting for u to make them alive
I was saying to u every morning good morning and every night good night

I was praying for u and for us every day
I was speaking to god about u ; god bless him wherever he is
God protect him and give him the patience
God please let us to be together and allow us to grow the love

im still dreaming to be urs forever
To wake up every day with ur breathing on my neck
Ur finger touching my skin
With the feel of ur heart beating with mine
Knowing that i could never find that feeling with anyone other than u

saying: good morning,sayang.
Lets wake up early to not waste any minute of our life together
To make u forget each second of ur past far from me
And i look at u
With a lovely smile
Closing my eyes
A tear drops
Saying in my heart
Thank u god u let my dream comes true ♥ ♥ ♥

The sentence

"Knowledge comes from experience.
Experience comes from mistakes."
-Uncle Farid yang cakap,25 May 2012.

you are so sweet

u there.
u are so sweet.
dont u know that?
every girls fall for u because of ur words.
im envy.
i hate it.
yet, i still falling in love with you over and over again.

our reconciliation time .
thank you.

please stop falling out of me.
im scared.
just dont give up on me.


hello baby.
u know what.
mostly, the girls love shopping.
me too.
i find shopping can really makes my mind relax and forgetting the unhappy things.
i feel happy when i spent my money.
i love buying things for myself n my loved ones.
so, if i ever come back with things that i bought for anyone, it means that person is on my mind when im shop. 

tapi hat yang tak bestnya,
sometimes i end up buying things that i dont need or ta muat or ta sesway.
senang cite baziirrrr.

tapi tapi
kita suka habiskan duit.
i mean shopping.
 this is the reason why i want to have a work so that i can shop whenever i want.

target sekarang nak beli wallet baru dari carlo rino.
i know wallet dulu pun dari CR n not really good material dy sebab diamond yew ilang. :(
tapi the newest design is seriously soooooooo damnn gorgeous.
i want it.
sekali dengan tote bag diaaaaa.
nak pujuk babu tapi dia macam tanak layan je.

So, okay.

i'll patiently wait for the sales.
besides, i need a new wallet.
zo zeriouzly, im not waztingz my moneyhh.

new workplace

last 24 may, i check in to the new workplace. just near my restaurant. selang 2 3 kedai je.
nak minum makan sume pegy merayau kat kedai. hikhik.
onlly have 2 workers there. both of the uncle are very nice.
they both teach me how to do import export.
as i love those admin works, i can easily learn much things form them.
i love working there.
its a waste if i dont go and work there.
still i need to resign soon.
for some reason.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


hey awak disana.
nampak ni saya pakay tulisan warna merah.
maksudnya saya marah serta cemburu dengan awak.
saya rasa awak sangat perfect.
saya rasa sangat cemburu.
mesti awak bangga if awak taw saya cemburu dengan awak.
tapi saya tak kenal awak,
awak tak kenal saya.
tapi saya stalk awak melalui dia.
saya sangat cemburu bila lihat ada komen awak.
saya taktaw kenapa saya boleh rasa macam tu.
mungkinkah saya juga suka pada awak?
tapi awak wanita.
oh tidak.
mungkin saya hanya cemburu melihat awak di wall dia.
sometimes saya harap awak cepat kahwin bersama jejaka lain.
baru saya tidak merasa insecure.
saya tahu itu maknanya saya pentingkan diri.

well i know.
i am.
im sorry.
i love him too much.
i cant stand seeing him with anyone else.
for now, i think if i dont have iman, i'll kill myself than to see him with another woman.
may Allah bless me and give me the strength and patience.

peminat tegar

hey bloggie baby.
u know what,
i just realized that im not a peminat of anything or anyone.

bila orang tanya, kau suka artis mana?
mesty aku macam terpikir pikir. sape eh?
suka memang suka kat retis or something tu, tapi nak kata minat entahlah.

some of my clique, depa siap ingat hat ni group mana, bdday bila, makan apa, tinggal mana.

so hal ni telah bermain main difikiran aku about a week.
aku ni seorang yang malas ambil kisah ke?
atau aku ni memang seorang pemalas? yang ni meme betul.hewhew

so i guess, aku ni meme pemalas nak amik taw hal banyak perkara.
things that dont really affect my life.
tapi gossips rajin pulak nak dengar kan.:p

i cannot be like this.
hal am pun banyak gila taktaw.
geografi lagi paling benci subjek tuh.
nasib dapat B dalam pmr.

insyaallah will improve my life from now on.
jyeahh marilah kita gigih berusaha ke arah ilmu. ;)

hello kitty

sukacita dimaklumkan.
saya memang suka hello kitty kerana ia sangat comel.
saya suka bukan taksub.
saya cuma tahu sikit sikit je pasal hello kitty.
so please dont expect me to know much about her.
sorry for disappointing you.
janganla herdik saya macam tu.
kesok hati tahu tak?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

the pray

Ya Allah ya tuhanku, jika dia adalah jodoh yang telah kau tetapkan untuk aku, kau lembutkanlah hati dia Ya Allah, kau satukanlah hati dia dan hati aku Ya Allah. Jika dia bukan untuk aku, kau tabahkanlah hati aku, kau kuatkanlah imanku, kau temukanlah aku dengan jodoh yang baik dunia akhirat.

what should i do?

i couldnt let u go.
its painful.
seems like ur going.
like ur letting me go.
what should i do?

i will never find someone like u.
there is no one like u.
no one can be u.
what should i do?

i love you too much.
i miss you very much.
every single day keep thinking of u.
what should i do?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

im sorry

i need a guy not a boy to complete my life. im sorry.i didnt mean to hurt you. i want a stable life. it may not be a perfect one but i just wanna be happy. im not saying im matured. i just need someone who can protect me.who will give all his love to me, just me.  im sorry again.

guys vs girls

sebusy mana pun dia, if dy dah sayang sangat kat someone, she will try her best to have some time with the loved ones. before tidur la biasanya. because he is the one she think about before and after sleep.

sebusy mana pun dia, he will find the ample time for himselves. maybe time for smoking, manicure, pedicure or anything untuk diri sendiri.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


hey blogie baby.
taw dak determination tu ape?
it means ketabahan.

many people seems or tends not to know that they are a determine person.
orang lain yang biasanya akan perasan.
as im getting older.
im realizing people around me ramai yang sangat tabah dalam menghadapi life diorang. so, here's several example people yang very close arounds me.

1. Mama
mama sangat tabah since she was a small kids. jaga adik2 as she s the first daughter. jaga families. baru berapa tahun da pandai masak. aku ni yang 21 buka api pun ta rety. -_-
then married to abah. sampay sekarang ta penah dengar mama gaduh jerit2 kat abah. still mama tabah layan kerenah abah.
bukan takat perangai abah, perangai anak2 yang macam ragam yang ta abis2 dengan masalah.
yang ni okay, yang tu pulak buat hal.
never ever see mama give up.
nak tengok mama nangis pun payah sangat.
so if mama nangis that means she really stress or sad.or ta dapat nak tanggung dah.
i love you mama.

he's been through too many things in his life.  ni kalau orang buat satu buku pun maybe ta bole abis.
sedih, gembira, tawa,kecewa. he kept that alone. 
he never show to people that he's weak. 
weaknesses dia pun orang payah nak taw.
he has a lot of things crumbled in his mind.
you'll never know.
he's unpredictable.
nampak macam happy but deep inside he's not.
tapi nak tengok dia sedih, or show his sadness, maybe special person je kot bole tengok.
i dont know if theres a person yang pernah tengok dia sedih.
i think for me penah sekali je kot dy nangis tu pun kejap je. tapi tu cerita lama lah.
he's not weird but he is different and special.

each of us has different stories to tell. 
for example:
 Anna honey. i saw how she's hurt by the person she love.  she changed a lot. she become more matured and wiser now. memeang la zaman sekolah maybe macam cinta monyet or whatsoever. but it gave a huge impact to her. i saw her glorious eyes yang bersinar2 each time she tells her love life stories. so i know exactly how dia sangat hurt when she brokes up.

Mary ma. nampak macam gila gila. but deep inside who knows? cinta pertama since form 2. even da banyak kali being cheated, she keeps giving that guy chances. sapa yang ta sakit hati kan. i think bukan takat sakit hati, sakit everythingg. padan muka kau mat sape suh ta hargai, now she met someone yang deeply in love with her and couldnt even live without her. 

4. best friend-akem
tekejut tak dia ni bestfriend cek?
memang la ex saya but tu cerita lama zaman beruk beruk dulu.
okay leave that stories behind.
kenapa dia ni tabah?
even dia ni players afzan. *popular seyh kat budak afzan yang sekolah seme pempuan tu. bahaha
people thought dia ni players je. tapi tataw the stories behind his act.
he lose peoples that he loves most.As far as i know, his late mom and 2 brothers.
he's been hurt by the woman that he's crazily in love with.
maybe its a karma or bak kata farah cukup 44 kali pempuan doakan dia, jadila bende2 buruk tu pada dia.
hewhew. idk. ta berani nak komen ape2.
but that one girl yang hurt dia memang rugi la.
he's a perfect man to be with.

okay conclusionnya disini, everyone has their own stories. ada yang sama ada yang berbeza. everyone is tabah by their own way. this is why we shouldnt give up. believe it, there's another people yang hadapi greater ujian dari kita. there's a lot to tell, bole pecah keybard ni if nak cita life sorang2.

 notes to myself jugak., each time im having problems, i keep wondering and i was like am i the only one yang hadapi bende ni? i once google pasal things that related to my problems taw. macam bengong, tadak motif pun. hewhew.

 Now im trying a lot to push myself. i wanna know whare exactly is my limits. 
i wanna be as tabah like people arounds me.
brave enough to face my problems.
brave enough to do all sorts of things.
so that i will have the memories.
so that i wont regret when im old.
i have better interesting stories to tell to my next generations.

jauh berangan is it?
well this is me. 
so long sayang.


the closest person in my life.
even i had broke her heart over and over again, she still loves me.
 im sorry for always letting you down mama.

asyik nak rebel je. kuang aja betei.
 seriously its not about my friends or whoever yang influence,
but actually its about myself.
me myself yang nak rebel, i dont know why.
why i acted like that.
macam bodoh pun ada.
tapi memang bodoh pun.
bukan macam.

cek da besar dah. dah paham dah. dah matang dah.
dah bole pikir dah.
dah bole kawen dah..

i  do everything you want.
already has the black belt in taekwando.
already has the diploma with anc result.
already quit menembak.
already quit commander.
and semua2 lah.

i will do whatever you said.
i'll study degree.
i'll do master if i get the chance.
i'll take care of my siblings and anak buah semua.
i will try my best to keep good relationships w our family.
wont argue about the harta or everything.
i'll have my own asset before i get married.
will prepare myself for the future.
just say it mummy, i'll try my best to achieve them.

i love you mama.
thank you for bringing me up.
thank you for letting me breath.
thank you for growing me up.
thank you for being such a good listener.
thank you for everything.

i know that you just wanted the best for me.
for 13 may and everyday,happy mothers day.



3 may
20 may

 ape lagi lepas ni?

ever since the break,
 when it comes to may,
kita selalu contact.
even just for a day.


cinta dan benci

Bagaimana cara membuatmu bahagia
Nyaris ku menyerah jalani semua
Tlah berbagai kata ku ungkap percuma
Agar kau percaya cintaku berharga

Tak kuat ku menahanmu, mempertahankan cintaku
Namun kau begitu saja, tak pernah merindu

Sungguh aku tak bisa, sampai kapanpun tak bisa
Membenci dirimu, sesungguhnya aku tak mampu
Sulit untuk ku bisa, sangat sulit ku tak bisa
Memisahkan segala cinta dan benci yang ku rasa

Apa kau mengerti ku sedih sendiri
Tanpa ada kamu ku merasa sepi

Tlah lama ku menantimu, diam sendiri menunggu
Setengah hati mencinta, ku sakit karenamu

Saturday, May 5, 2012


pretty isn't?
 i do love flowers.
i love the smells. the fresh smells.
the beauty of the flowers.
the colors.
it made my day seriously.
turning my face into clown(big smiles) for the whole day.
i have no idea why the flowers could really makes me calm and sometimes energetic.

tapi tapi ta rety jaga sangat pun.
i never get the chance to take care of the flowers pun.

i wanna try beli bebunga ni and jaga dia.
sekali pun okaylah kan.
atleast i've tried.


every person in this world has their own stories.
its either has been known or untold.
some of them shouldn't be a secret while some of them should.
the stories are the memories.

people keep learning.
every sec,min,hr.
till we're dying.
we would still be learning.

so please.
dont judge a book by its cover.
dont judge a lipstick by its holder.
dont judge a phone by its battery.
dont judge a dog by its collar.
okay da mengarut.
just dont judge a person if you dont really know him.
will you?

you have no idea what that person has been through.
maybe its tough.
maybe its easy but unforgettable.

note to myself jugak.
me sometimes judge people by the way they look
or the way they talk
but try to know him/her first
 lets do the talk 
then lets start gossip.

have you?

have you ever realize?

if there is someone you hate,
have you ever realize that you're becoming or acting more n more like the person you hate?

the more you hate that person,the more likely you're becoming like him/her.

kenapa ye?

Friday, May 4, 2012


bulan May.
why May?

blog layout baru?

hm hm. quite susah nak pakay lah.
kenapa tukar yang baru?
hm hm.
i is lazy to learn.

Dip. in Business holder

habis dah  Diploma life.
result quite okay eventhough my result was down yang teramat.
part1 sampay part 5 naik je.
part 6 terus turun.
padan la muka.
banyak sangat buat salah.
banyak sangat berangan.
shame on you.

but still thanked god,
dapat jugak anc.
syukur sangat.
Allah beri peluang untuk merasa dapat anugerah tu.

cant wait for continuing degree.
freakin bored.
freakin stress.
i is vant study.
i is vant working.
i is vant to live w my own way.
i is vant freedom.
is is vant my life.