Monday, October 8, 2012

Rest in peace Sweetheart

Dont you get worry about me.
i've been growing up since the day you left.
im mature enough to accept the fact that you've gone.

like what you wanted before.
like what you've keep babling about how immature i was.
i've changed.

Maybe this is the good things when you left.

why baby.
why did you left.
janji nak kahwin dengan i kan sayang.
kenapa tak tunggu i?
lagi 2 tahun je i habis sayang.

and till now i stil tertanya kenapa you buat macam tu dekat i and kak zura.
apa salah kitorang sayang?
apa plan you?

we both love you very much.
she loves you.
and i love you too.
i love you very much ever since we've known.
6 years sayang.
i couldnt bear the pain.
the pain from loving you.
its killing me day and night sayang.
sumpah sayang i tak tipu.
i ta pernah tipu you.

remember what you said before?
'sayang you, sabar you, setia you. dah cukup membahagiakan i.'
and im glad that you were happy to be with me.
i tak menyesal sebab i've already gave my best for our relationships.
i've tried my best sayang.

orang kata perasaan marah akan melebihi perasaan sayang kan.
i just dont know why.
perasaan sayang i pada you ta terjejas pun.
i kept telling you about curang and sailang and sort of.
sebab i had the instinct about you doing it.
even you punya janji manis and kata kata tu meyakinkan.
but still i dapat rasa.
maybe tu petunjuk dari Allah

im just hoping that you're doing just fine.
before you pergi you buat banyak kerja and penat kan?
now its time for you to rest.
rest well sayang.
Insyaallah i will recite for you.
even bukan hari hari.
but i will.

Arwah Megat Marwan bin Ismail
12 sept 1989-26 aug 2012

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