Thursday, April 14, 2011

hati ini telah dilukai

Terkenangkan diri mu
Lalu airmata ku
Membasahi pipi
Mengapakah kau sanggup
Meninggalkan diri ku
Sedangkan kau tahu
Perasaan ini

Kau berjanji
Akulah kekasih mu
Sanggup ku singkirkan
Semua cinta yang lalu

Tidak ku duga
Ini akan terjadi
Kata perpisahan
Yang kau pinta

Biarkan aku hidup sendirian
Tak ingin ku mengenangkan kisah lama
Biarkan aku hidup sendirian
Kerana hati ini telah dilukai

thank you for the words you have said.
i can forgive you, but i will never forget.
i want to but i cant.
i will never reply to whatever you had said before.
because whatever i say, you will think that i only want to win.
i never want it.
tapi ramay je ckp i want to win.
i just defensing myself.
before this i just let others step on me.
i just kept quiet.
nobody wants to defense me.
later i realized that i have to defense myself instead of hoping other people will say out something for me.
but now.
people hate it when i do it.
my besties hate it.
you hate it.
you say something that u know will makes me hurt just to make me kept quiet n not trying to win.
you only think that i wants to win.
i never think of it.
thanks sayang.
im hurt.
i cannot cry.
it wont came out.
thats why im hurt.
its because i cannot cry.

please dont ever say whatever i had type or sms or bloggings. i hate it. even it is from my heart.
i feel like you are teasing me.
i kept telling you that but you ignored me.
so, i decided to tell you in my blog.
once you read it, just keep quiet.
i know what i write.
you dont have to tell me.

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