Sunday, April 17, 2011

the law, the rule of my heart.

by virtue of section 1619 wicm(which i create myself) 1919: the aggrieved party cannot recant back if he had tells out everything.

i am the aggrieved party. so i shouldn't tell anyone about what i feels. It is a secret so that no one will be hurts n keep living their own happy life. 
Because in life, it is not about me, not about you, but about all. We live together with other creature.
The decision is definitely cannot be repudiate. 
You wont see my tears anymore cause it will be hidden in the place thats you don't even can see it. It wont  shows to anyone.  
As time passed,  i will be fine. soon. Insyaallah. Because i am a strong woman. 
Don't worry about me.  

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