Wednesday, April 11, 2012

baby eus demam

last week, eus demam panas. 
on friday, my sis gets worried as her friends told that a baby is too young to have this ulcer in the mouth.
she said maybe its the HFMD- hand,foot, mouth disease.

all of us were very shocked.
mama cried as soon as she heard the news.
she insists abah to go back to jb.
me siap google n done some research about the disease.

then abah texted, lepas makan, balik umah pack barang then straight to eus.
me n mama lompat2 keriangan. hewhewhew

so on that day, we went to jb after 'packing' (actually main letak je dalam bakul sebab mama abah nak sampay cepat)

when we arrived at the hospital, abg nizam was taking eus for a walk.
so they saw us walking to eus room.
eus called me as soon as he saw me.
'ma tu'
n he grab n hugs me.
i felt like crying!!!!
he still remembers me.
even though we barely can meet.
about half an hour, eus hugs me n dont want anyone else.
then my hands shaken n im afraid if eus would fall so i gave eus to mama.

3 hari eus duduk hospital.
satu minit pun dah buat orang sume risau.
ni kan 3 hari.
sayang please jangan buat maksu risau lagi.

i dont mind if u wanna pull out my hair.
bite my face.
shouting and yelling.
puek balik whatever foods u ate. -_-
i just want you to be happy.
active as u used to be.
i love you very much sayang.

First day- ta sampay hati tengok dia moody. :(

2nd day-night da start active. cuma belum makan je.
2nd day - the only drinks yang bole masuk dalam perut dia. makan tanak. susu tanak. :(

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