Tuesday, April 10, 2012

expensive memories that i can never afford to buy

you know who you are.
even though i don't know if you ever read my blog or not. 
just wanna thanked you for everything you had did for me.

for being very patience.
for giving those surprises.
for the unforgettable sweetest memories.
for being such a lovely person.
for being most romantic.
for seriously protecting me.
for being very supportive.
for deactivating your number when you're with me.
for keeping your promises.
for trying your best.
for giving me the chance.
for letting me meet your sister's family.
for giving me the best as you can.
for everything.

the memories,
i appreciate it.
wont regret it.
i just love it too much.
will remembers it vividly.

Thank You. :*

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