Monday, June 25, 2012

kak syu's wedding

okay. yesterday punya yesterday punya story.
24th of june 2012, is my sister, kak syu and waleed's big day.
thanked god,kawen jugak depa akhirnya after so many halangan and problems which i cannot reveal to public.
unfortunately, i didnt get the chance amik gamba on that day sebab camera abah tetiba hang. :(
tapi tapi tidak mengapa cause ada several photographer bertauliah and tak bertauliah, berbayar and ta berbayar yang amik which i believe a high quality  memorable pictures!
naty kita p cilok gambar gambar tu and insyaallah will update to bloggie baby soon.

door gift kaann.
mummy bought jam. jam hat sapu kat roti tu. ada rasa nenas dengan rozel. 
which we wrapped the small bottle of jam with a cute towel and put it in a beautiful box.
botol ke bekas jem tu kecik je and tade tulis pape so i printed some design and kita lekat kat bottle/ bekas gambar design yang i've stole from google images then letak some pekataan. hihiks. 
thank you google! you are my number one search engine! i lobyu!

btw, tema wedding wane purple. kak syu punya favourite colour. ;D

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