Tuesday, June 26, 2012

cake review

yeay me. my first review.
Happy Ice-cream Cake to You
okay, on last 25th of june, i bought a cake from Baskin Robin.
kunun la nak celeb birthday sendiri.
ramai kengkawan duk kepoh pasal kek tu so i thought i wanna try it too as i love BR punya choc mint aiskem jugak.
but then, family pulak ramay ta suka choc mint and ucop pun ada so i change my mind and tukar to chocolate.
so after several changes and perbincangan, muncullah ini:
ice cream: chocolate moose, design brownies

at first, nak potong kek ni quite susah bcause the cake is too hard. :(
aiskrim memang delicious, but the cake.sangat keras, liat, not soft at all. even ucop pun ta suka.
design cake memang semua cecantik. this one brownies ape ta ingat.

unfortunately,my family are looking for the quality of taste, not the appearance esp abah. membebel je dia.
ta sedapla mahal la. :/

so, maybe this is the last time we buy the ice cream cake from BR. But we wont stop buying the marvelous ice cream from BR.Sorry BR, but we still loves you. :)

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