Saturday, June 19, 2010


Have you ever fallen in love, but knew they did not care?

Have you ever felt like crying but you knew you'd get no where?

Have you ever watched them walk away... not wanting them to go?

And whispered 'I Love You' softly... not wanting them to know?

You cried all night in misery and almost went insane.

There's nothing in this world that causes so much pain.

If I could choose between life and death, I think I'd rather die.

Love is fun, but hurts too much and the price you pay if high.

i feel so confused with my feelings right now.
feel sad. feel like i miss him so much.
sometimes i feel like i can stop loving him.
but i cant.
we are getting to know each other.
but not much. there s nothing much i know about him.
i cant stop my eyes from stalking ur page.
i dont know why i cant keep my eyes over you.
shit kan? u pnah ckp mcm tu kat i dulu.
i deny it. but the truth is,whenever i online,i will view ur page.
i keep denying whatever thing that u said to me.
segan okay. takan nak mngaku.
u know i like u.
i wanna stop liking u bcause ive started to love u.
stiap kali i na try to stop it, i mesti ta dapat na bwat.
i mesti nak balas msg u.
nk dga suara u.
nk tgk pic u.
i cant get rid u from my mind.
keep thinking about u day n night.
knape ye i suka u?
pelik gila.
u never know how i feel.
sbb u tak rase ape i rase.
i guess ape u cakap ari tu,tipu je kan?
u said u like me. u wanna be with me.
tp lpas tu i tgk u mcm nk jauhkan diri dr i je.
if i ade wat salah,tell me.
sakit sgt rasa mcm ni.
pendam perasaan.
i'd love u to want me.
tapi i sedar i mcm mana.
u will never like me more than friendskan?
i tade ape yg u nak dr a gurl.
u just lying kan?
tell me,mcm mana i nak lupakan u?
everytime i dga suare u,i tgk pic u,i borak ngn u.
my heart beep faster n i rase mremang sgat n i rase seram sejuk.
i tataw nape.
i always nak nmpk good dpan u.
tpi i taw i bnyk kekurangan.
i benci bila dga lagu yg u pna ckp kt i.
sbb i akan tringat kat u.
tringat how cute u are,how special u are.
benci sgt.
smakin i cuba utk bencikan u,smakin tu la i sayangkan u.
i benci sgt2 perasaan i.
i ta saba sgt na masuk blaja.
i nak bz kan diri i n lupakan u terus.
maybe i rasa mcm ni sbb i lonely.
hopefully i dapat lupakan u.
u org kedua yg i skype webcam. first,my ex.
pelik sgt i stuju utk wc ngn u.
i always wonder,
do you ever think about me?
do you ever think about us?
for sure i takan tny u.

tears are words too painful for a broken heart to speak.
im going to smile like nothings wrong.
talk like everything is perfect.
act like its just a dream.

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