Saturday, May 5, 2012


every person in this world has their own stories.
its either has been known or untold.
some of them shouldn't be a secret while some of them should.
the stories are the memories.

people keep learning.
every sec,min,hr.
till we're dying.
we would still be learning.

so please.
dont judge a book by its cover.
dont judge a lipstick by its holder.
dont judge a phone by its battery.
dont judge a dog by its collar.
okay da mengarut.
just dont judge a person if you dont really know him.
will you?

you have no idea what that person has been through.
maybe its tough.
maybe its easy but unforgettable.

note to myself jugak.
me sometimes judge people by the way they look
or the way they talk
but try to know him/her first
 lets do the talk 
then lets start gossip.

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