Sunday, May 6, 2012


the closest person in my life.
even i had broke her heart over and over again, she still loves me.
 im sorry for always letting you down mama.

asyik nak rebel je. kuang aja betei.
 seriously its not about my friends or whoever yang influence,
but actually its about myself.
me myself yang nak rebel, i dont know why.
why i acted like that.
macam bodoh pun ada.
tapi memang bodoh pun.
bukan macam.

cek da besar dah. dah paham dah. dah matang dah.
dah bole pikir dah.
dah bole kawen dah..

i  do everything you want.
already has the black belt in taekwando.
already has the diploma with anc result.
already quit menembak.
already quit commander.
and semua2 lah.

i will do whatever you said.
i'll study degree.
i'll do master if i get the chance.
i'll take care of my siblings and anak buah semua.
i will try my best to keep good relationships w our family.
wont argue about the harta or everything.
i'll have my own asset before i get married.
will prepare myself for the future.
just say it mummy, i'll try my best to achieve them.

i love you mama.
thank you for bringing me up.
thank you for letting me breath.
thank you for growing me up.
thank you for being such a good listener.
thank you for everything.

i know that you just wanted the best for me.
for 13 may and everyday,happy mothers day.


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