Sunday, May 6, 2012


hey blogie baby.
taw dak determination tu ape?
it means ketabahan.

many people seems or tends not to know that they are a determine person.
orang lain yang biasanya akan perasan.
as im getting older.
im realizing people around me ramai yang sangat tabah dalam menghadapi life diorang. so, here's several example people yang very close arounds me.

1. Mama
mama sangat tabah since she was a small kids. jaga adik2 as she s the first daughter. jaga families. baru berapa tahun da pandai masak. aku ni yang 21 buka api pun ta rety. -_-
then married to abah. sampay sekarang ta penah dengar mama gaduh jerit2 kat abah. still mama tabah layan kerenah abah.
bukan takat perangai abah, perangai anak2 yang macam ragam yang ta abis2 dengan masalah.
yang ni okay, yang tu pulak buat hal.
never ever see mama give up.
nak tengok mama nangis pun payah sangat.
so if mama nangis that means she really stress or sad.or ta dapat nak tanggung dah.
i love you mama.

he's been through too many things in his life.  ni kalau orang buat satu buku pun maybe ta bole abis.
sedih, gembira, tawa,kecewa. he kept that alone. 
he never show to people that he's weak. 
weaknesses dia pun orang payah nak taw.
he has a lot of things crumbled in his mind.
you'll never know.
he's unpredictable.
nampak macam happy but deep inside he's not.
tapi nak tengok dia sedih, or show his sadness, maybe special person je kot bole tengok.
i dont know if theres a person yang pernah tengok dia sedih.
i think for me penah sekali je kot dy nangis tu pun kejap je. tapi tu cerita lama lah.
he's not weird but he is different and special.

each of us has different stories to tell. 
for example:
 Anna honey. i saw how she's hurt by the person she love.  she changed a lot. she become more matured and wiser now. memeang la zaman sekolah maybe macam cinta monyet or whatsoever. but it gave a huge impact to her. i saw her glorious eyes yang bersinar2 each time she tells her love life stories. so i know exactly how dia sangat hurt when she brokes up.

Mary ma. nampak macam gila gila. but deep inside who knows? cinta pertama since form 2. even da banyak kali being cheated, she keeps giving that guy chances. sapa yang ta sakit hati kan. i think bukan takat sakit hati, sakit everythingg. padan muka kau mat sape suh ta hargai, now she met someone yang deeply in love with her and couldnt even live without her. 

4. best friend-akem
tekejut tak dia ni bestfriend cek?
memang la ex saya but tu cerita lama zaman beruk beruk dulu.
okay leave that stories behind.
kenapa dia ni tabah?
even dia ni players afzan. *popular seyh kat budak afzan yang sekolah seme pempuan tu. bahaha
people thought dia ni players je. tapi tataw the stories behind his act.
he lose peoples that he loves most.As far as i know, his late mom and 2 brothers.
he's been hurt by the woman that he's crazily in love with.
maybe its a karma or bak kata farah cukup 44 kali pempuan doakan dia, jadila bende2 buruk tu pada dia.
hewhew. idk. ta berani nak komen ape2.
but that one girl yang hurt dia memang rugi la.
he's a perfect man to be with.

okay conclusionnya disini, everyone has their own stories. ada yang sama ada yang berbeza. everyone is tabah by their own way. this is why we shouldnt give up. believe it, there's another people yang hadapi greater ujian dari kita. there's a lot to tell, bole pecah keybard ni if nak cita life sorang2.

 notes to myself jugak., each time im having problems, i keep wondering and i was like am i the only one yang hadapi bende ni? i once google pasal things that related to my problems taw. macam bengong, tadak motif pun. hewhew.

 Now im trying a lot to push myself. i wanna know whare exactly is my limits. 
i wanna be as tabah like people arounds me.
brave enough to face my problems.
brave enough to do all sorts of things.
so that i will have the memories.
so that i wont regret when im old.
i have better interesting stories to tell to my next generations.

jauh berangan is it?
well this is me. 
so long sayang.

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